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Introducing unlimited professional hosting for any app, website, database or API

Ultra fast web hosting for static or CMS powered websites

Tailored hosting options available for your mobile apps and APIs

MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, NoSQL and many other storage options available

Websites and apps hosted closer to your customers load faster

Get up and running in just a few minutes with easy one click setup

Choose your preferred hosting platform and operating system versions


Enjoy reliable hosting for any website, app, api or database served from global data centers


Lightning fast web hosting for any website

Host your website with Domainscanners and benefit from global data centers that serve your site faster. Manage your site through your free Domainvault app and access site visitor statistics with ease.


Proven hosting solutions available for any application, API or database

App and API hosting


Get a tailored hosting package specifically for your app. Your hosting package includes all the database and storage solutions your app requires. 


Discover industry standard cost effective scalable database and storage options

Database Hosting

Scalable Storage Solutions

Domainscanners can provision any storage requirement to suite your exact needs. From Microsoft SQL to NoSQL databases, Blob, file and document storage.


Global data centers guarantee your websites and apps load and respond faster

Global Data Centers

Load faster

Host your websites and apps on servers residing within a global network of modern data centers. Reduced lag and latency serve your apps and sites faster unleashing their full potential.


Enjoy one click setup for quick and easy provision of popular hosting packages

Easy and rapid hosting provision

One click setup

Install your website with a single click. Be up and running in just a few minutes.


New hosting platforms include specific Linux distros or Windows operating system versions  



Select your preferred platform for your hosting package. You can select between many Linux distributions and Windows Server operating system versions. Tailor your hosting package to suit the service you are publishing and your teams skill set. 


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Web hosting provides a space on the internet for your website to live.

Websites are served from web servers that can host many websites for individuals, organisations and businesses. Most websites have at least one domain name assigned to them. This saves your visitors having to remember IP addresses. It's much easier to remember a name like 'domainscanners.com' than remembering a specific IP address like ''.

Domainscanners host websites built using any technology. From sites built using HTML and CSS too CMS (Content Management System) powered sites using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and more. You are also covered if you are a web developer or programmer who codes in JavaScript, NodeJS, PHP, ASP.NET, Java, Python, Ruby and many other languages.

Click or touch the title headings below to learn more about our hosting packages...

Web app or web application hosting allows users to use and consume apps that are published via a web server that run in a web browser. Web apps are convenient because users do not need to install an app natively. Users simply visit a web app in their browser of choice and use the latest version of the web app instantly without any software installation.
Web apps are often created using a wide variety of programming and scripting languages. Web servers must be able to run and interpret code correctly so that the web app it serves runs correctly. Domainscanners servers support all popular programming and scripting languages including JavaScript, PHP, ASP.NET, C#, VB, Java and many more.
Application Programming Interface hosting allows consumers to access services and data stored in a central, internet accessible location. Mobile apps purchased in app stores often rely on a backend data source or service that resides on the internet that can be publicly or privately accessible.

Domainscanners offer hosting plans suitable for your APIs built using virtually any technology. We support all languages that are commonly used to build programmatic interfaces.
Database hosting provides a safe, convenient and accessible place for your data, documents and files to live. Websites and apps often use databases to store and persist data across sessions.

There are many different databases available. Domainscanners provision the perfect database to fit your app or websites requirements.

Contact us to get started or provision your database yourself through your free Domainvault app.
Visitor analytics and statistics provide you with details on who has visited your website or app.

Useful information includes date and time of the visit and where your visitor originated from. Also included is what page or section of your site or app your visitor viewed and for how long. This along with a wealth of other data allows you to measure the reach of your website or app.

To see detailed information on your visitors simply sign into your free Domainvault app.
It's very easy to upload your website or app to your hosting package.

You can use any FTP client such as the free FileZilla app or if you're a programmer you may prefer to deploy your files through a single Git command.

In short, you can easily upload your website or app using any of the following methods...

  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - Any FTP client of your choice.
  • Git - Deploy your site or app with a single command.
  • Directly through your free Domainvault app.



It's very easy to transfer your existing website or app to your Domainscanners hosting package.

You can use any free FTP client, deploy through a single Git command or upload your files directly through your free Domainvault app. Domainvault is your one stop, fits all solution for all your internet services.

Alternatively, our UK based technical staff will be happy to transfer your site or app for you completely free of charge.
Think of Domainscanners as your all-in-one internet service provider.

Using your free Domainvault app you can easily register and manage all your global domains and empower them to make them work for you.

Specific hosting advantages include a global network of data centers and servers that are located closer to your customers. This reduces lag and load time of your sites and apps that increase your SEO rankings giving your business a competitive advantage.
Manage your hosting plan through your free Domainvault app.

Domainscanners designed Domainvault specifically for you. Most other hosting companies use 3rd party complicated control panels.

Domainscanners developed Domainvault because we value our customers and want to make managing your internet services as simple as possible.

Domainvault is designed, coded and developed for you by our own in-house UK based programmers.

Since 2005 we have listened to our customers needs and developed a unique app that makes it simple to manage all your internet services including of course, your hosting plans.
Content Management Systems can be thought of as web word processors.

CMS allow users to add and administer web content with minimal effort. Images can be uploaded, cropped, scaled and placed within a websites page without any HTML or CSS knowledge. Some, such as Wordpress, have plugin architectures that allow users to add free and premium plugins that extend their sites functionality.

Plugins offer a wide range of extensibility. They allow users to plug in contact forms, image carousels, social network integration and many other improvements.

You can be up and running in minutes with any popular Content Management System with Domainscanners 1 click set up.
Wordpress is a very popular open-source content management system.

Originally developed as a blogging platform, Wordpress powers over 25% of the worlds websites. That's a huge number of sites.

Wordpress has grown into a powerful publishing platform. Thousands of free and premium plugins are readily available to extend its functionality.

Many free Wordpress themes are available for download and professionally developed premium themes can be purchased from theme vendor sites.

Wordpress powers the majority of fortune 500 company websites.
You can easily assign a domain name or multiple domains to your website through a single click or touch via Domainvault.

Domainvault is an app built by us for you to make managing all your Domainscanners internet services a breeze.

We don't use 3rd party, cumbersome control panels. Instead, we invested in designing, coding and building the perfect modern app for you to manage your domain names and accompanying internet services.

You can also create as many free subdomains as you require using Domainvault. Subdomains can be used to extend your domain to point to different websites or sections of websites.

Subdomains form the first part of your domain before the first period.

  • info.yourdomain.com
  • sales.yourdomain.com
  • product.yourdomain.com
  • anythinghere.yourdomain.com

All web hosting packages just £15 per month!

Professional hosting made simple