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Proven cost savings when you move to the cloud and outsource your cloud services management

Cloud Consultancy

We manage your cloud

Domainscanners dedicated Cloud Consultancy division architect, provision and manage your companies cloud requirements for a monthly fee that's a fraction of the cost of hiring full time IT support professionals.


Discover the benefits of a $20 billion investment in one of the world's largest global cloud infrastructures

SaaS - PaaS - IaaS

Architect • Provision • ManageMENT

Dedicated cloud consultants will architect the best possible cloud solution for your enterprise. Provision and management of your cloud services gives you the freedom and peace of mind to concentrate on your business. 

Cloud hosted Software as a Service provides easy integration, unlimited scalability, free upgrades, accelerated feature delivery, seamless integration, work anywhere mobility and lower cost of entry.

Platform as a Service empowers you to innovate faster with zero operating system configuration and patch maintenance. Use the latest OS features faster through transparent upgrades.  

Infrastructure as a Service eliminates hardware headaches. Run your Virtual Machines on rock solid proven platforms that perform and benefit from zero downtime upgrades. 


Triple data centre region redundancy, intercontinental geo-located backups and real-time data rollbacks

Data Centre Redundancy

Geo-Replicated Data 

Store your data in the cloud and benefit from automated triple data centre regional redundancy and intercontinental geo-replicated backups.  Your data will be more secure than ever before. 
Also enjoy instant date and time based data rollbacks.


Facilitated orchestration between on-premises, private and public cloud platforms   

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

On-premises Cloud Orchestration

Cloud Data Centres are ultra secure but it can be important for businesses to keep data, apps and services on premises. Your company can still take advantage of the cloud with custom hybrid solutions that fit your exact requirements.   


Navigating and embracing the latest cloud advancements can be daunting. We do this so you don't have to

Load Balanced Services

Auto Distributed Traffic

Provision load balanced services where high availability and network performance matters to your applications. 


Introducing virtual servers that automatically scale up and out when processor or memory thresholds are breached 


Resources when you need them

Cloud solutions that automatically scale to your customers demands. New Virtual Machines can scale out or existing VM's can scale up depending upon your service requirements. They automatically scale back when the heat is off minimising costs.


Host your services and applications closer to your customers and increase response times 

Low Latency

Geo-located Cloud 

Distributed designs deliver low latency web sites, apps and services to your customers anywhere in the world reducing lag and increasing response times. 


Cloud services are monitored round the clock and supported by over Thirty Thousand engineers across the globe

Service Monitoring

Resource Performance Analysis

Cloud services are supported 24 / 7 / 365 and closely monitored around the clock. Over 30,000 engineers support infrastructure and hardware around the world. Teams are constantly implementing security patches, upgrading servers and designing super efficient green data centres.


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Over 30,000 engineers monitor and support your cloud

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Win With The Cloud

Companies should embrace the cloud or get left behind


Host your apps and services closer to your clients  


Companies that fail to utilise the cloud 
will get left behind

The advantages of embracing and moving to the cloud are vast  

Reduction in support costs, hiring skilled personnel, hardware and upgrade costs, software licensing, software patching, security, time and effort are but a few considerations.

Having services that are served as close to your customers as possible reduces latency. Having resources that autoscale when your clients require them improves stability. Infinite transparent hardware upgrades allows easy provision of virtual machines upon rock solid, thoroughly tested infrastructure. Having your data automatically backed up in triplet across data centre regions and the option of intercontinental geo-located replication secures your data against earth quakes and other disaster events. Secure data centres protect you data against intruders.

When all is considered there is only one viable solution. Moving to the cloud saves time, effort and money. Divide and conquer by architecting a custom hybrid PaaS, IaaS and SaaS architected solution for your business. Domainscanners dedicated Cloud Consultants division can provision and manage your cloud services so that you can concentrate on growing your enterprise. 


Save money on IT support, hardware and software licensing costs. Consolidate everything into a single monthly bill. You can save your company vast sums of money by taking advantage of the cloud.


Speed from concept to implementation is markedly improved. Hardware provision timescales are eliminated. Live system hardware and software upgrades are transparent and instant. 


Scale effortlessly to infinity. You eradicate hardware upgrade costs by moving your systems to the cloud. Autoscale allows your systems to use additional resources only when needed then autoscale back. 


Cloud computing utilises internet based resources.

From a business perspective, servers, networks, apps, services and storage can be quickly provisioned and scaled with little effort.

For cloud consumers, apps can be used without software installation or configuration. Infrastructure that serves apps and services is hidden within the cloud.

Cloud based hardware resources are usually shared between users and accessed on demand.

The cloud is experiencing rapid growth. Businesses are embracing the low-cost, high-performance, virtualisation advantages that the cloud offers.

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Business cloud computing leverages internet based infrastructure, servers, networks, apps and services to gain a competitive advantage.

Companies that invest in cloud computing benefit from a pay-as-you-go model that saves purchasing expensive hardware and hiring highly skilled technical support staff. Project management costs to scale infrastructure and servers are eliminated as cloud resources scale up and out automatically, then back again when resources are no longer required.

Businesses can also use to save money. Operating traditionally placed on premises servers such as Microsoft Exchange is fast becoming obsolete.
Public cloud computing shares hardware resources within cloud providers data centers.

Cloud providers supply and maintain all infrastructure, hardware, servers, CPU processing, RAM, storage space and software required to run a cloud platform.

Public cloud consumers can provision their own secure space within public clouds and benefit from reduced costs, speed of provision and infinite scalability.

Big cloud providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft continue to invest heavily in their cloud offering. Continuous investment and provider competition helps improve cloud services and lower service costs for cloud consumers.
Private cloud computing, also known as enterprise cloud computing, offers many of the same advantages as .

Instead of multiple businesses sharing infrastructure a single business leases ownership. This is more expensive as costs are no longer shared.

Like public clouds, private clouds are secure with additional access all areas privileges.

Private clouds are an ideal fit for businesses that have unique design architectures or where they must adhere to compliancy or auditing requirements.
Hybrid cloud computing combines the security, scalability and cost effectiveness of public and private clouds.

Hybrid solutions can also mix in on premises cloud resources that automate and orchestrate between cloud platforms.

Hybrid architectures offer a good balance when sensitive compliance based workloads are required to run on site and less restricted workloads can be processed on public cloud platforms.
Personal cloud computing refers to digital content that can be stored, synced, consumed and streamed.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) are often used to store files and stream photos and movies. Synology have a good line up of NAS hardware that comes with their propriety DiskStation Manager (DSM) operating system. DSM supports cloud friendly apps via a built in app store that makes setting up a personal cloud easy.

Personal clouds are also a good choice for archiving and backing up digital content.
Cloud hosting offers reliability, scalability and distributed load balancing advantages over single server hosting.

Cloud configured hosting servers can autoscale up and out on demand when load thresholds are breached. You are only charged for extra resources when they are used as they automatically scale back when they are no longer required.

Cloud hosting enables you to host your sites and services closer to your customers.
Cloud storage is a secure means of storing data in the cloud without necessarily investing in your own hardware.

Benefits include only paying for the storage that you use, zero or minimal setup effort and automated backups and redundancy dependent on which cloud storage service you use.

Popular cloud storage services for personal computing include Apple's iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Domainscanners offer a wide array of business Cloud Storage options. Contact us for more information on our corporate cloud services.
Cloud services are best described as any service served over the internet.

The most popular resource models that serve cloud services fall into three categories...

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) eliminates hardware costs.

Purchasing, rolling out, maintaining and upgrading hardware such as servers and network infrastructure can be expensive.

IaaS removes hardware headaches allowing you to focus on your software platform.
Platform as a Service (PaaS) eliminates hardware and operating system costs.

Hardware can be upgraded seamlessly and transparently along with OS versions and security patches.

PaaS empowers developers to focus on development.
Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates hardware, operating system and local software installation costs.

SaaS delivers apps and software services on demand over the internet. Benefits include zero or minimal configuration, faster feature updates and lower cost of entry.

SaaS is often delivered via web browsers with little or zero local software installation.
The cloud is driving IT efficiency, innovation and lower cost of entry.

Imagine you have absorbed the cost and pain of project planning an international server roll out.

How much time and money will it take to plan, purchase and upgrade your existing servers?

How about adding servers to your global server farms?
To provision servers in the cloud takes minutes.

To upgrade and scale servers in the cloud takes seconds!

Companies that fail to embrace and utilise the cloud will get left behind.

Future proof your business today and partner with Domainscanners dedicated cloud consultancy team.
Domainscanners dedicated cloud consultants can fully architect, provision and manage your cloud.

Cloud advantages are vast but knowing how to best bring these advantages to your business can be daunting.

Partnering with Domainscanners affords you the peace of mind knowing that professionals are running your cloud. Best practises are followed and occasionally devised by our dedicated cloud consultancy division.

Domainvault, your exclusive free app takes full advantage of the cloud surfacing all your cloud and global internet services data in a single, handy, convenient place.

Contact us today to learn how moving to the cloud can bring huge benefits to you and your business.