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Proven higher placement for your website within all search engines

Get more visitors from free and natural searches that relate to your business

Implementation of Google best practises  that elevate your search engine placement

Benefit from SEO technical experts that maximise your sites signal response

Google focused results that boost your placements across all search engines

Monitor real-time improvements to your organic search rankings   

Monitor your site climb search engine placements with your free app  


Enjoy higher natural and organic page rankings across all search engines


Get up each day with a confident SEO strategy

Domainscanners dive deep into your website sprinkling all the best ingredients that search engine algorithms require for their recipes. This rewards you with many more visitors from organic searches that relate to your business.


Google best practises and advanced white hat SEO strategies that are proven to increase your visitors  

White Hat SEO


Domainscanners strictly adhere to and rigidly enforce Google best practises. We monitor press releases and fold new gained knowledge into our ever expanding pool of SEO expertise. Our learned proficiency substantially increases your websites quality score resulting in higher organic search engine placements.


Guaranteed Google signals response improvement increasing your websites quality score and PageRank


Increased quality score

Googles search engine algorithms use a quality score obtained when sites are indexed. Scores are the sum of many signals that when combined produce a quality score for a given site. Although the exact number of signals and each specific signals purpose and value is unknown many can be deduced and improved.


Higher natural page rankings across all search engines including Google and Bing


Google, Bing and more

Google is the benchmark when monitoring page rankings but the SEO work we complete for you also strengthens page rankings across all popular search engines. 


Breakthrough real-time reports show your website climb as your SEO implementations take hold

Accountable SEO Results

Real-time SEO monitoring

Use your free Domainvault app to view real-time reports as your SEO gains traction and watch your website climb the rankings. Your SEO reports detail what work has been carried out and the positive impact that process has had.


Your free proprietary app gives you detailed insights into your SEO campaigns


Watch your site climb search engines with your free app

Use your exclusive free app to check in and see how your SEO campaign is performing. You can also schedule reports to be emailed directly to you from within your app.


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Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation (or Optimi'z'ation as the rest of the world tend to spell it - Can you tell we are based in Blighty?) is the implementation of logical methods to increase your website's organic search engine listing placement.

Organic or natural placements are where your site appears in search engines by default, without investments in paid advertising campaigns through services such as Google AdWords.

Optimising your site correctly can profoundly increase your sites visibility and visitors.

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There are so many SEO companies, SEO consultants and SEO experts available it can be overwhelming when you want a 3rd party to manage your SEO requirements.

Here at Domainscanners our professional SEO services solution forms part of our internet services solution. Being a full blown internet services company places us in a unique position that empowers us to offer you many advantages over our competitors.

Based in the UK are our own highly skilled programmers, technical staff and dedicated account managers.

Being a hosting company with access to over thirty data centers world wide means we can host your site physically closer to your customers. This improves your site load and response times that will also improve your search engine signal response.

Domainvault is your very own, cross-platform, free app that has been in development since 2005. No other SEO company can provide you with anything as modern, powerful and informative as what our developers have built. A powerful and truly unique app to monitor the progress of your sites optimisation and rise through the search engine ranks.
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) implements a series of processes to enhance the value, readability and convenience of a site. Value provides rewarding content for visitors. Readability makes visitors feel at home. Site design should be easy on the eye with appropriate use of fonts, headings and well written copy. Convenience is a site that responds fast and is accessible across all modern internet connected devices.

Fine grained SEO requires technical expertise. Skills should include HTML and CSS to structure content correctly, minification and reduction in image and media file sizes.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is where advertising campaigns are run within search engines displaying ads when users search for specific keywords and phrases. The cost of SEM campaigns varies greatly depending on what competitors have bid for targeted search terms. Having a highly optimised page can significantly reduce your SEM campaign costs.

Click here for a detailed explanation of our SEM service.
All search engines strive to provide an optimum list of relevant websites that match a given search criteria. It's essential that your site contains current, valuable information that is applicable to relevant search queries for it to appear higher in search listings.

Imagine searching for your own product or service.

  • What search term would you use to find your own site?
  • Would your site deliver the information requested?
  • Can the value you provide be consumed on any internet connected device?
When Google index a website analytical data is obtained. This data is commonly referred to as 'Google Signals'. Google signals help Googles ranking algorithms decide if and where the analysed site should appear within search listings.

Matt Cutts, a Google Engineer who became the face of Google SEO public relations stated on the 2nd June 2010 in a YouTube video titled What signals are used in ranking other than PageRank? that there were, at the time, over two hundred unique signals that Google use to help determine a sites placement.

The exact number of signals Google analyses is unknown, as is the precise importance of each signal. However, using a combination of common sense and best practises it is relatively easy to work out what Google expects from a website.

The fundamental factor to remember is that Google aspires to provide relevant listings containing quality, current content that provide value for its users search efforts. Search engines simply want to provide what people are looking for.
When you partner with Domainscanners you benefit from over a decades worth of SEO experience.

Site ranking algorithms are dynamic, constantly improving to enhance search engine results. You never need worry about such changes as we embrace and implement the latest optimisations keeping your site compliant with leading-edge standards, best practises and recommendations.

When SEO strategies work well for a client we roll a tailored version of that positive impact out across our entire customer base. This results in each and every SEO focused client benefitting from targeted optimisations.
Domainscanners scan search engine APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and analyse what your target clients are looking for.

Based on our research, your site is optimised to provide results that provide value for your visitors. The longer your visitors are engaged by the value your site provides, the better chance there is of converting them to customers.

From our analysis, we derive keywords suited to potential customer searches and ensure these are used appropriately and proportionately throughout your content. We never use keyword stuffing which is considered bad practise.

Quality content that provides value will naturally attract links from other sites which also improve your sites search engine placement.

Our research surfaces what your clients are looking for and our strategies ensure your site provides it.
Search engines must be able to effectively scan, crawl and index your website.

Your site should have a current robots.txt file and adhere to the robots exclusion protocol ensuring that it's categorised and indexed correctly.

When search engines are unable to effectively map sites content they cannot gather intel for their search algorithms. Domainscanners SEO experts regularly review your robot and site map files ensuring complete compliance.

You can be confident that your site will be scanned successfully by partnering with Domainscanners.
HTML (HyperText Markup Language) are tags that define the structure and layout of your site.

Title tags should summarise the content they headline. Relevant keywords for your content should appear in headlines, closer to the front the better. Headings should be no more than 72 characters in length, so they appear in full within search engine results.

Structured data helps search engines extract, process and index a page, providing a richer experience when your site is listed in search engine results. There are various structured data syntaxes such as micro-format, micro-data, RDFa and JSON-LD. These should be used to markup common content types notably contact info, product details and company information.

Professionally structured data helps your site stand out from the crowd within popular search engines.
Content must provide value for visitors who consume it.

Imagine your are a potential customer searching for specific information related to a product or service your business provides. Would your page provide that information in a user friendly, effortlessly digestible way?

Always remember that search engines want to provide the information that their users are searching for.

Befriend search engines by ensuring your site and landing pages provide value for your intended topic. You will be rewarded with more visitors and longer user engagement.

Domainscanners regularly review your content with a view to adding value that maximises your SEO potential.
Your site should provide a good experience for your visitors.

A page jammed full of copy wont be as easy on the eye as a carefully considered page broken into sections with relevant headings. Text should be balanced within a well-considered layout.

Break your copy into paragraphs containing no more than five lines. Sentences should vary in length but always be under thirty words.

Visuals and animations can bring a lifeless page alive and help inject interest into your copy.
More visitors view your website on mobile devices than conventional desktops.

As the avalanche of internet connected devices come to market it's essential that your visitors can consume your content regardless of what device they're using.

It's impractical to test sites on every hardware device capable of accessing web content. Our testing facility mounts multiple virtual devices that render your sites content within each virtual emulator within seconds. Each page is loaded across all emulators and appears exactly as it would on a physical hardware device effectively testing your site against every known and future form factor.

Search engines reward mobile responsive websites. Partnering with Domainscanners ensures your sites content can be consumed on any device. Responsive web designs elevate signal responses from Google which when summed with other SEO factors promotes your site within search engines.
Hosting your website closer to your customers will result in radically reduced load and response times.

Domainscanners servers are strategically geo-located in over thirty data centers around the world to provide maximum reach with minimal lag. Search engines such as Google reward faster loading sites with higher positioning.

If your customers are distributed around the globe Domainscanners can implement a special hosting strategy that serves your site from the nearest server.

Another SEO advantage to consider is optimising the payload of your site. Reduce the file size of all your sites files, including images without compromising quality.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript files should be minimised with identifiers and variable names being as short as possible and all white space removed completely.

Domainscanners reduce every possible byte sent over the internet by processing all your sites files through a specially crafted code pipeline that automates reducing site size. This low-level optimisation also saves your visitors mobile data costs.

SEO is about finally tuned optimisation so optimise your site to its optimum potential. The faster your site loads, the faster your visitors can consume it which wins you brownie points with search engines.
Help search engines define your intended topic by using relative naming conventions within the structure of your page.

Dive deep into your HTML, URL and filenames and use appropriate identities. Your url should state the intent of your page. For example, the url of this page is 'domainscanners.com/SEO-Search-Engine-Optimisation'. Use hyphens to separate words to ease search engines interpretation.

Name HTML identifiers such as 'id' and 'href' suitably to help define the body of your content. For example, the section you are reading now is embraced by id='FAQ-SEO-Deep-Naming' with an href of '#SEO-Naming-Conventions'.

Name all files usefully. For example, the name of the html file for this page is 'SEO-Search-Engine-Optimisation.html'. Describe media, images and supporting files with a description of what they convey. Don't name files 'image1' or 'doc.pdf'.
CARE about your copy!

Your content should provide easily digestible value for your visitors.

Think deeply about your subject before you put fingers to keys. If your contents objective is to sell your visitor a product or service align your copy into a purchase funnel that promotes 'Attention', 'Interest', 'Desire'' and 'Action'.

Use a suitable font and test your work is consumable across different screen sizes. Start your copy with a short attention grabbing headline and keep each parargaph to a maximum of five rows. Sentences should vary in length and always be under thrity words.

A right good read on copywriting is "copy. writer." by Ian Atkinson. Check his site out and buy his book www.copy-righter.co.uk.

Disclaimer: Please note Domainscanners never had anything to do with Ian's website design which 'litteraly' sucks. But his copywriting skills are spot on.
Social Media Optimisation encourages your website visitors to share your content with others.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks can be powerful partners when used to promote your site. Empowering your visitors to simply share content with a single click or touch can drastically increase your sites visibility and visitors.

When your site visitors like what they see they click a strategically placed Facebook share button. This action instantly posts a 'story' to the visitors Facebook timeline and their Facebook friends newsfeeds.

Your story, which is a pre-configured snippet of information about your site is then visible to all your visitors Facebook friends within their own individual Facebook newsfeeds. If they find the story interesting they click it to visit your site. Hopefully they too like what they see, share it, and so your story propagates to their individual set of friends, and so on and so forth!

It's a similar process when sharing sites and content to Twitter and other social networks.

SMO has vast potential for attracting visitors.

Social Media Optimisation is included in your monthly SEO plan with Domainscanners.
Every day, tens of thousands of websites are infected by spam bots, malware and other types of nasty payloads. Protect your website by adding it to Google Search Console.

When Google spiders a site it also checks the sites integrity. Any alerts or warnings are then automatically bought to your attention so that you can act immediately. The sooner a compromised site has eradicated any issues that Google has flagged the less chance your search engine placement will be affected.

Secure your site with a current, verified and industry recognised SSL/TLS certificate. Secure Sockets Layer / Transport Layer Security is a means of encrypting traffic between your website and the browser consuming it.

Security Certs are standard practise on all e-commerce sites but they also provide stronger signals responses for search engines and help to increase your PageRank.

A good reputation for your site scores SEO points all round.
Google Search Console is an invaluable ever evolving free tool used by all professional web masters.

Googles search console helps you keep your site in peek condition. The console dashboard conveniently shows the current status of your site along with any crawl errors or problems that Google has found.

You can submit a sitemap that provides valuable metadata that helps search engines figure out the organisation of your site. HTML improvements are suggested and internal plus external links to your site are displayed.

Customers that partner with Domainscanners get a free app that we have been developing and improving since 2005. Your Domainvault app shows user friendly data that we automatically surface from Google Search Consoles API for your convenience.

Domainvaults is your one stop friendly app for all your internet services.
Track your site rise through the ranks to reach search engine stardom.

Domainvault is your unique, free cross-platform app. In development since 2005, Domainvaults sole purpose in life is to make your life easier when purchasing, managing and analysing all your internet services.

SEO tracking is simple with your free app. Watch your website organically climb in real-time as Domainvault consolidates and surfaces your sites data into human readable stats and charts. You get deep insights with full transparent accountability of all work performed to optimise your site.

You also get your very own dedicated SEO account manager.
SEO optimised websites have a further advantage when running Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaigns.

Win clicks over your competitors for a lower cost per click (CPC) when running SEM ads for similar products or services. Your ads will cost less yet achieve higher placements over competing ads that link to non-optimised sites because of the added value your optimised site provides.

Google reward optimised sites with lower CPC. This can lead to significant cost savings when running targeted Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

SEO is an all round great investment for your business and website.

For more information on Search Engine Marketing view our targeted SEM services page.


Search Engine Optimisation


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