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Your free Domainvault app shows insights for all your SEM campaigns

We analyse what your potential customers are searching for

Smartphone ads let your clients call you with a single touch

Your very own dedicated SEM account manager

Live performance reports for all your SEM campaigns

Geographical and city targeted SEM campaigns


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Introducing a SEM app that surfaces all your search engine marketing campaigns data in a way you understand



You get a unique, modern app that gives you near real-time insights into how your SEM campaigns are performing. In development for over a decade, Domainvault is the only app you need to manage and monitor your internet services. 

Your app surfaces all your search engine marketing campaigns data in a way that's easy on your eye and easy to understand.


Right now, internet users are searching for businesses just like yours

TARGETED search engine marketing

Our software empowers us to gain real-time insights into what your potential customers are searching the web for.
We mine this data to create the perfect search engine marketing campaign for your business.

  Imagine sitting in a coffee shop watching a competitor hand out flyers to random passers-by.
You observe many people reluctantly take the leaflet only to trash it moments later.

  Someone then enters the shop and asks if anyone can supply a product or service you provide.
You raise your hand.

This is the magic of search engine marketing.
Results come from targeting the right people, at the right time, with the right message.


Our success stands on the shoulders of over a decades worth of experience

mobile targeted campaigns

more users search
the web from phones than desktops

You get mobile ads and landing pages that match your brand and give your campaigns the best quality score possible. This provides you with more targeted visitors at a lower cost per click. Your new clients will call or contact you via a single touch.

All your campaigns data is tracked and surfaced via your free app. 


You get your very own dedicated SEM account manager

Multiple SEM professionals work on your account but you are always provided with a single point
of contact


Your free app provides instant insights into the performance of your SEM campaigns

LIVE reporting

Near real-time reporting gives you insights into your marketing campaigns


No other Digital Marketing Agency invests as much time and effort in developing SEM focused proprietary software

Your targeted campaigns are specific to continents, countries, geographic regions and cities.
Using the power of the cloud, your landing pages are hosted closer to your 
target audience resulting in reduced latency.
Your campaigns quality scores are increased promoting top placement of ads 
whilst reducing costs per interaction.


Our search engine marketing strategy is proven to drive traffic while increasing leads and conversions

Ultimate Visibility 

For Your Business

Your targeted ads are only ever shown to potential clients who are actively searching for products or services your business provides. 

You only pay when your ads are clicked or touched.


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Right now, people are searching the internet for products and services your company provides.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) instantly promotes your web site within internet search engine results when key phrases related to your business are searched upon.

Domainscanners can create, manage and maintain your SEM campaigns, immediately placing your business web site at the top of Google. Leveraging proprietary and Google approved software tools, our SEM experts ensure your business gains optimal exposure at minimum cost.

Maximise your sales and leads today!

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SEM uses a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model.

When potential customers search for your services we place your ad at the top, or very near the top of their search engine results. You only pay, on a per click basis once your potential customer has clicked your ad.

Your ad can either contain a link automatically taking your customer to your website or if they have searched via their phone, can instantly dial your business telephone number.

Domainscanners provide free estimated campaign costs detailing how often your ads will appear, during what time windows, within a geo-targeted area and under what search phrases.

SEM is ideal for any business that has an internet presence.

Traditional advertising in the media such as TV, radio or printed ads spread general awareness. SEM is targeted advertising. Your ad is immediately shown only to people who are actively searching for a product or service that your company provides.

Put simply, SEM campaigns generate more sales and leads.
Domainscanners have a deep understanding of how effective internet marketing works.

Our SEM team constantly liaise with our in-house tech team ensuring that your campaigns link to landing pages that return the highest possible quality score. This improves the positional placement whilst reduces the cost-per-click (CPC) of each ad shown.
You get a direct line to your very own SEM account manager.

Coupled with real-time insights thanks to our free Domainvault app, you can instantly see how your campaigns are performing and relax knowing that your campaign budgets are in good hands.
You get a unique cross-platform app that provides real-time insights into how your campaigns are performing. You can see at a glance the following statistics...

  • How many times your advert has been shown.
  • What geo-graphical targeted area your ad was served within.
  • What search phrases triggered and served your ad.
  • How many times your ad was clicked.
  • The cost of each individual click (CPC).

All statistics can be viewed live via easy to understand charts that are automatically broken down on a per day, week or month basis.

You may also easily set up automated emailing of reports for your convenience.
Domainscanners use front line information mining and business inteligence tools to research what key expressions search engine users are utilising to locate your products and services.

Your custom targeted campaigns stand upon the shoulders of the data we mine.
More individuals search the web by means of their mobile phones than they do through desktops and portable workstations.

We serve targeted ads with dynamic form factors focused on the device that originated the search request.

All your ads are rendered appropriately per device, ensuring they are 100% consumable and actionable.
Domainscanners target your campaigns to run within specific radiuses within geographic areas.

Ideal for small and large enterprises who want to promote their products or services within a specific country, region, city or town.

Tailored campaigns serve your ads exactly where you want them shown, targeting your specific customer base.
Perfect for product launches, new services or seasonal promotions.

Boost sales of your newest product or service by running a dedicated SEM campaign.

Your ads can be scheduled in advance to run within certain months, on specific days of the week and within pre-determined time windows.
Domainscanners global internet services are genuinely global.

Your targeted SEM campaigns can run anywhere in the World.

We can design and host landing pages for you that are closer to your intended audience. This reduces latency, improves customer experience and reduces your campaign costs.
Never stress over surpassing your campaign budget.

Receive automated alerts as your campaign costs approach a predetermined limit.

You can increase your budget and click through count at any time, or sleep easy knowing your campaign will be automatically suspended until your next campaign cycle begins.

Domainscanners fully managed SEM campaigns focus on maximising your revenue whilst minimising your cost per click.

Start boosting your sales now!

Time Sensitive Campaigns

SEM campaigns can be scheduled to run on specific days through the week within allocated time windows. 

Campaign Tools

SEM specific tools built in-house by our own developers that insure your campaigns perform better than your competitors.

Campaign Results

Dedicated account managers supported by highly skilled staff and industry defining software ensure you get the right results. 

Geo-targeted Campaigns

Run campaigns on specific continents, within countries or cities anywhere in the World. 

Live Campaign Performance

Always know exactly how your campaigns are performing via our Domainvault App.

24/7 Support

Round the clock support provided for all Global timezones.


The jewel in our crown. Your free proprietary cross-platform app is unlike any other you will find. Built by us for you.


We speak with Google every week. We fold their white hat ideas and strategies into our own to deliver the very best campaigns for you.


Dedicated account managers, Search Engine Marketing experts and software craftsman work  together on each of your campaigns.